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Seduce DJ


Seduce DJ's are highly experienced in working both independently and around a live band meaning your events music is taken care of from start to finish. When they are working around the live band, they keep the party momentum going and provide a place for guests to make song requests. Our DJ's also use the same PA and lighting rig as the band meaning less equipment and less setting up, and our booths are self contained and compact without taking up too much space. 

Seduce DJ's can also be booked in their own right when a live band isn't required, and always have a vast range of genres and playlists to choose from to suit any type of event. With a Seduce DJ you also get the assurances of the full Seduce insurances and risk assessments etc and the knowledge that you are booking a DJ from music specialists. 

"The Seduce DJ was phenomenal! Our guests complained that every time they sat down, another fantastic song came on and they just had to get up again!"


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