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Christmas Party at Painters Hall

An IT company contacted Seducebands looking for some music options for their Christmas Party at Painters Hall in central London.

They wanted a band to dance to but were concerned that as this was a heavily male dominated audience, they would need some encouragement. They also wanted to create a nice festive atmosphere over the dinner.

We therefore provided The Soul Bubble duo featuring female vocals and piano which we positioned on the balcony overlooking the dining room. This meant we could perform background festive songs and jazz in an unobtrusive way that meant the music floated over the room as the guests had dinner.

During the dinner, we were also setting up The Last Dynasty Band in the adjacent room that it was set up ready for after dinner. We then performed two sets of party music starting with some gentler ‘warm up’ songs to ease the crowd into some dancing.


Special requirements of event:

As we were given the awareness that the guests might need some encouragement to dance, we were able to call on our 12 years of experience of performing for events to ensure that we chose exactly the right set of songs to entice the audience onto the dance floor and also included a lot of interaction with the crowd to make sure they felt secure enough to brave the dancefloor.


Our client said:

“The night was a great success and I have had nothing but great feedback with regards to the band. Everyone also loved The Soul Bubble duo on the balcony over dinner. As I think I told you it was a bit of a gamble as most of our employees are “IT geeks”!! But I was very impressed that some of them made it to the dancefloor and even if they didn’t, then they enjoyed the atmosphere.”

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