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Playing with the Stars

Toby was organising a birthday party for his wife in the beautiful countryside hotel Great Fosters in Surrey. He wanted a band to perform funky dancing music later in the evening that would appeal to an audience of music industry professionals. He also needed the band to back a few guest appearances from celebrity artists including Ronan Keating, Steve Harley from the Cockney Rebels and James Walsh from Starsailor.

We provided The Last Dynasty 6 piece party band which featured male and female vocals who could perform both the party sets later in the night, but also professionally back the celebrity performers both with instruments and backing vocals following only a brief run through at sound check.

Special requirements of the event:

We were given the songs that the celebrity artists would be performing a couple of weeks before the event so we had to learn these songs in advance to a perfect standard in order for the artist to simply run through it on the day (or not at all in Ronan Keating’s case) and it be ready to perform to a standard they expect.

We had to be flexible and professional enough to be able to change up the songs in whichever way the artist required on the day.

We had to work with a large production company who we hadn't met before and adhere to their requirements for our sound so it worked for the artists too.

We needed to be at the venue much earlier than usual in order to do all the soundchecks and rehearsals required.

The client said:

“Thanks for everything - you were really great!”

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